Fertility Fat Bombs – Fall

I have been collaborating more and more with a friend and colleague Registered Holistic Nutritionist Krista Parr of Root To Fruit Nutrition. We are doing a community talk this week, and she inspired me to try out her famous fertility fat bombs. I have seen a bunch of variations on this theme with the increased popularity of the ketogenic diet, and overall focus on increasing healthy fats in our diets. I tried them for the first time this week, and I am sold! This particular recipe contains maple syrup but if you are sticking to a keto diet, you would want to sub in stevia, erythritol, or another liquid sweetener of your choice.

Strawberry Pink Mylk Smoothie – Summer

I find when summer hits our appetites change from the cooler rainier months. We crave more cold foods and drinks, and lighter meals tend to do the trick. That’s where smoothies come in. My son has been pretty suspicious of smoothies as of late (likely because I have been stashing too many unknown or undesirable items in there !), but this one he drank no problem. I also invested in a double walled water bottle that has a straw so smoothies can stay fresh and cold during our summer adventures to the beach/playground/pool. Try it out today!

Cauliflower, Grape, and Lentil Salad – Spring

This salad caught my eye recently.  Now that it's spring I am starting to get back into eating more raw veggies and salads with leafy greens.  I tend to refrain from these colder foods during the winter months, but the cherry blossoms are now popping, so it's a sign!  This salad seemed like a great crossover for early in the spring with the cold raw leafy greens, and the warm curried cauliflower.  This is what's for dinner at my place tonight.  Insiders tip:  I will leave some of the ingredients separate so that my 7 yr old might try like roasted cauli, some leafy greens, lentils, and grapes.  A layered meal is how we roll when introducing new foods at my house. Enjoy!

Turkey Quinoa Meatballs – Winter

This is one of my favourite meatball recipes, and when I serve it no one realizes it is egg and gluten free.  The meatballs always come out incredibly moist and flavourful.  They can be time consuming to make, so consider a double batch (although you might have to process in shifts if your run out of room).  They are always worth it!  These meatballs freeze very well, and are on a regular rotation in my home.  We often don't bother serving them with any pasta / grains and just eat them paired with some veggies.  Enjoy!

Oh She Glows 10 Spice Vegetable Soup – Fall

This has been a go to for me for a couple of years.  My 'selective' eater will eat it in combo with a nice fresh loaf of bread.  It freezes beautifully and is not too labour intensive.  If you are in a rush, chop the veggies in advance and you can have a quick weeknight meal.  I always add the chickpeas and along with the cashew cream, they provide some protein and healthy fat to increase the nutrient density of this meal.

Zucchini Noodles with Avo Pesto — Summer

If you grew up in the 80s, Zoodles referred to a canned tomato pasta dish with zoo animal shaped noodles.  Nowadays, it has a whole new meaning.  Most people referring to Zoodles are talking about spiralized zucchini in long noodle-like strands.  I finally broke down and purchased a Paderno spiralizer and I have been off to the races ever since.  So far I have only managed to spiralize zucchini, but a quick internet search shows me there are many more options!  Zoodles are a great grain free and gluten free pasta alternative.  They taste great, and hold up well to cooking and sauces.  I like them best raw or slightly sautéed in extra virgin olive oil.  They are a great way to indulge in the summer harvest, and are kid approved!  Yum!