New to the practice?  Considering naturopathic medicine for the first time?  Schedule a meet and greet session with Dr. Stephanie Peltz by phone or in person.  Here you can test the waters, and get a feel for her approach before you come in for your initial visit.  

meet & Greet

15 minutes

Initial Visit

Adult:  60 minutes
Child:  60 minutes

Dr. Peltz will take a detailed history from each patient including in depth information about chief complaints, a complete review of major system’s of the body, past health, and family history. Patients will be given feedback regarding their case, and often will be assigned ‘homework’ (i.e. filling out a food intake log).  Lab testing may be advised, or records requested from another physician. ** after July 17th, Dr. Peltz will not be taking new patients in BC. New patients will be accepted in Toronto ON as of Sept 2019.

Follow-up visit

30 minutes

Depending on the patient’s needs and the complexity of their health, a protocol will be agreed upon by doctor and patient for all follow up visits.  Some patients book visits weekly for such treatments as IV nutrient therapy, acupuncture, or craniosacral therapy, and others will book visits at larger intervals. ** after July 17th, Dr. Peltz will provide all follow up visits via telemedicine.

A light touch approach that releases tension deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. ** after July 17th, Dr. Peltz will no longer be taking craniosacral bookings in BC. Craniosacral bookings will be accepted in Toronto, ON as of Sept 2019.


45 mins

To restore the proper flow of Qi (energy) through the body. Packages are also available:

  • 5 acupuncture visits (45mins/each) for $742.50

  • 10 acupuncture visits (45mins/each) for $1320

** after July 17th, Dr. Peltz will no longer be taking acupuncture bookings in BC. Acupuncture bookings will be accepted in Toronto, ON as of Sept 2019.


45 mins

An intravenous injection of vitamins and minerals, which may be used to treat chronic illness (such as fatigue), or prophylactically to boost energy and aid in recovery from overwork/overtraining.

  • IV nutrient push 30 min for $95

  • IV nutrient drip 60 min for $160

  • IV glutathione push $45 per 10 mL

** after July 17th, Dr. Peltz will no longer be taking IV bookings in BC. IV bookings will be accepted in Toronto, ON once licensure has been transferred. Please inquire for exact timing.

IV Nutrient

30-60 min
$95 - $160

24 hours notice must be given for all cancelled appointments or the full fee for the canceled visit will be applied.


Full Cost of Visit

Payment is due at the time services are rendered. Dispensary items and lab tests must be paid for in full before leaving the office. Accepted forms of payment are cash, cheque, visa, matercard, and e-transfer.