Strawberry Pink Mylk Smoothie – Summer

I find when summer hits our appetites change from the cooler rainier months. We crave more cold foods and drinks, and lighter meals tend to do the trick. That’s where smoothies come in. My son has been pretty suspicious of smoothies as of late (likely because I have been stashing too many unknown or undesirable items in there !), but this one he drank no problem. I also invested in a double walled water bottle that has a straw so smoothies can stay fresh and cold during our summer adventures to the beach/playground/pool. Try it out today!

Zucchini Noodles with Avo Pesto — Summer

If you grew up in the 80s, Zoodles referred to a canned tomato pasta dish with zoo animal shaped noodles.  Nowadays, it has a whole new meaning.  Most people referring to Zoodles are talking about spiralized zucchini in long noodle-like strands.  I finally broke down and purchased a Paderno spiralizer and I have been off to the races ever since.  So far I have only managed to spiralize zucchini, but a quick internet search shows me there are many more options!  Zoodles are a great grain free and gluten free pasta alternative.  They taste great, and hold up well to cooking and sauces.  I like them best raw or slightly sautéed in extra virgin olive oil.  They are a great way to indulge in the summer harvest, and are kid approved!  Yum!

Kids Green Smoothie — Summer

This recipe showed up on one of my favourite food blogs recently.  I love all the recipes and information there and often recommend it to my patients.  I know from raising my little one that getting greens into kids can be tricky.  She recommends trying this smoothie anytime after the age of 1 to develop a child’s tastebuds early.  I agree with her one caution regarding citrus in kids.  Check if your child reacts to citrus beforehand.  Also, a summery tip is to freeze leftover smoothies into popsicle molds for a hot day!

Chia Pudding -- Summer

I recently started preparing this as a healthy treat for my son.  Chia seeds are gaining a lot of attention as one of the top 'superfoods'.  They are full of fibre, omega 3 fatty acids, and protein.  Also they have an amazing ability to produce a pudding-type texture when soaked.  This recipe is very easy, and can be used as a satisfying breakfast item of dessert.  This is a basic recipe, but can be added to in all kinds of creative ways.

Quinoa and Veg Salad with Tahini Dressing - Summer

This is a perfect main meal salad on a summer day.  It contains various detoxifying foods like beets, radishes, ginger, and lemon.  It is also looks so beautiful when arranged on a plate with all of its bright colours.  The kicker is that this recipe is incredibly simple to prepare, which is excellent for new parents who have little time, but want to continue eating healthy.  I may have a little experience with that these days....