Cauliflower, Grape, and Lentil Salad – Spring

This salad caught my eye recently.  Now that it's spring I am starting to get back into eating more raw veggies and salads with leafy greens.  I tend to refrain from these colder foods during the winter months, but the cherry blossoms are now popping, so it's a sign!  This salad seemed like a great crossover for early in the spring with the cold raw leafy greens, and the warm curried cauliflower.  This is what's for dinner at my place tonight.  Insiders tip:  I will leave some of the ingredients separate so that my 7 yr old might try like roasted cauli, some leafy greens, lentils, and grapes.  A layered meal is how we roll when introducing new foods at my house. Enjoy!

Easy Creamy Homemade Almond Milk — Spring

In my house we do not drink liquid cow’s milk.  We usually try to rotate our non-dairy milks to avoid consuming too much of one specific option.  Store bought dairy milk alternatives are widely available in many varieties, but they do carry some ingredients that I am keen to limit (such as carrageenan, guar gum, and a whole lot of sugar).I finally got into a regular habit of making my own, almond milk and I was amazed at how easy it is!  My 4 yr old loves to help squeeze out the milk, and I’ve even caught him squeezing it into his mouth.  It lasts only a few days, so I make it in appropriate quantities, but it tastes great, and I know exactly what’s inside!  Enjoy…

Leslie's Black Bean Birthday Cake — Spring

My son’s birthday falls in spring, and this year I was so torn on what to make.  On the one hand I was committed to making something healthy and low in sugar and allergens, on the other hand I knew this year he was really hoping for a sweet celebratory treat.  I compromised with a version of this recipe.  I made it as cupcakes and it was a mild success, but a friend perfected this tasty treat at her kids’ birthday shortly after.  Consider it a way to have your cake and eat it too!

Best Lentil Salad, Ever -- Spring

My good friend Mira introduced me to this dish, and with it the Du Puy Lentil.  It is a French lentil that has been grown in volcanic soil so it is rich in minerals.  It is also more durable than the typical red/green/brown lentil so it stands up well in this salad.  The dressing contains an amazing combination of warming and healing spices.  I am always looking for ways to add things like turmeric, cayenne, and cinnamon into my patients’ diets.  I have often made this with the additional arugula and goat cheese and it is delicious.  This salad improves the day after when the flavours have been mingling!  Enjoy...