Fall Recipes

Fertility Fat Bombs – Fall

I have been collaborating more and more with a friend and colleague Registered Holistic Nutritionist Krista Parr of Root To Fruit Nutrition. We are doing a community talk this week, and she inspired me to try out her famous fertility fat bombs. I have seen a bunch of variations on this theme with the increased popularity of the ketogenic diet, and overall focus on increasing healthy fats in our diets. I tried them for the first time this week, and I am sold! This particular recipe contains maple syrup but if you are sticking to a keto diet, you would want to sub in stevia, erythritol, or another liquid sweetener of your choice.

Oh She Glows 10 Spice Vegetable Soup – Fall

This has been a go to for me for a couple of years.  My 'selective' eater will eat it in combo with a nice fresh loaf of bread.  It freezes beautifully and is not too labour intensive.  If you are in a rush, chop the veggies in advance and you can have a quick weeknight meal.  I always add the chickpeas and along with the cashew cream, they provide some protein and healthy fat to increase the nutrient density of this meal.

Coconut Sunflower Paleo Porridge — Fall

As the days cool off I start to turn from raw / cold meals to more warming and grounding foods.  A warm breakfast is a great way to start the day.  This porridge has lots of essential fats, protein, and fibre to balance blood sugar, keep energy levels stable, and help with balancing moods and building neurotransmitters (such as serotonin).  It is grain free so helpful for those who can’t tolerate oats and other cereal grains.  I love it topped with frozen berries from my summer harvest.  Enjoy!

Quinoa, Kale, Cherry Tomato, and Avo Salad -- Fall

This fall I am still seeing an abundance of local, organic cherry tomatoes in the markets and stores, amazing! Tomatoes are one of those veggies that are so flavourful when in season, and so bland otherwise. They add some bright colour to this dish, but if you are someone who can’t tolerate tomatoes and other foods from the nightshade family, just omit them, or replace them with slices of red grapes to shake it up. I love a hearty grain salad for lunch or dinner at this time of year, and if you make extra this dish can be great for breakfast.