Postpartum and Breastfeeding

postpartum & Breastfeeding

Naturopathic care can be extremely helpful in addressing physical and emotional complaints postpartum.  Dr. Peltz recommends her first follow up session on day 3 postpartum.  In this visit she debriefs a woman's birth story, assesses recovery, coping, fatigue, and emotional wellbeing including mood.  Follow ups are then scheduled based on this assessment.  As well, Dr. Peltz sees breastfeeding as a learned skill and feels many women need support. Dr. Peltz offers treatments for all kinds of issues that may arise.  She assesses latch, discusses issues of under / over milk supply, nipple health (including yeast infections), plugged ducts, and offers preventative treatments for mastitis.  Dr. Peltz does offer phone / skype visits if parents are unable to come in physically particularly in the postpartum period.