Lifestyle Counselling

Lifestyle counselling is a big piece of Dr. Peltz's work with her patients. This is where the discussion of sleep habits, movement, energy levels, substance / stimulant use, and stress management come up. These are common issues  in those trying to conceive, pregnant, or in the postpartum stretch. Depending on what is needed, Dr. Peltz will make suggestions she sees fit. She always tries to meet her patient's where they are at, and make sustainable suggestions. Dr. Peltz often brainstorms with patients on how to make these changes in the patient's real lives. Dr. Peltz has found in her years of practice, that on almost every treatment plan she recommends self care. This can look differently for each person. 

Great examples of self care practices include:

  • breath work
  • meditation
  • creativity
  • spending time in nature
  • connecting with nourishing friends
  • having a good laugh! 

Dr. Peltz believes that some version of a 'naturopathic lifestyle' is possible for every person.