Dr. Peltz has a rare combination of intuition, intelligence, experience and compassion that distinguishes her from virtually every other medical practitioner I’ve seen. She has an uncanny ability to deeply listen and ask the right questions while offering a variety of insights and recommendations to address the particular issue you are facing.
— B.G. mum of 3
Dr. Peltz is super knowledgeable and empathetic to where her patients are at. She has so much knowledge from experience (personal and professional) when it comes to pregnancy, birth, post partum and pediatrics!
— R.T. mum of 2
Dr. Stephanie Peltz is someone who deeply cares about the people she treats. Her presence and caring nature put people at ease & help them feel heard.
— E.P. mum of 2
Dr. Peltz is very kind and thoughtful, she takes into consideration the bigger picture and how it relates to the individual. She is incredibly empathetic to people (women and children especially). She really appreciates the challenges that come with motherhood + career + life in general and how important balance is in all of that. She exercises practicality in the advice she gives to her patients.
— N.M.
Dr. Peltz has a passion for and is a strong advocate for women’s and pediatric health. She understands the unique struggles of parenting with young children with the commitment to feed and nurture with whole foods, despite being short on time and energy, our most precious resources.
— E.H. mum of 2
Dr. Stephanie Peltz has a unique ability to be firm, non judgmental and incredibly compassionate at the same time. She goes above and beyond. She creates a calm and safe space for physical and emotional consultations. She is incredibly confidential. She is well researched and open minded. She is one of the very best doctors I’ve ever known and I feel fortunate to be her patient.
— M.O. mum of 1